Live Harp Music for your Special Event

A magical atmosphere is created when a live harpist performs on a concert grand pedal harp at social functions. Guests are grateful when a harp is present, as they realize that they are attending a truly special event. The visual beauty of a concert grand is stunning, and the sounds are enchanting and transformative.

A Class Act: Classical Harp Music

Brian's focus is on classical harp music, music that was written originally for the harp, which makes the best use of its idiomatic sounds. He also enjoys playing transcriptions–music written for other instruments but adapted for the harp–which also come alive on the harp.

Background Music and Foreground Music

Harp music is ideal as background music for parties and social gatherings. The harp offers a touch of class without being intrusive. It can also take center stage. A program can be designed to entertain your guests. Brian loves to speak about the instrument and its music, and he is also happy to play and let the music speak for itself.

  • Private dinner parties
  • Receptions
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Private House Recitals
  • Open Houses
  • Fundraisers
  • Hotel Lounges
  • Restaurants
  • Wedding Party Dinners
  • Birthdays
  • Memorial Services
  • Corporate Events

E–MAIL BRIAN for pricing and more information.

“ . . .plays well with others . . . “

Brian Swager, D.M.


About Brian

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When in death I shall calmly recline,
O bear my heart to my mistress dear,
Tell her it lived upon smiles and wine
Of the brightest hue, while it linger'd here.
Bid her not shed one tear of sorrow
To sully a heart so brilliant and light;
But balmy drops of the red grape borrow,
To bathe the relic from morn till night.

When the light of my song is o'er,
Then take my harp to your ancient hall;
Hang it up at that friendly door,
Where weary travellers love to call.
Then if some bard, who roams forsaken,
Revive its soft note in passing along,
Oh! let one thought of its master waken
Your warmest smile for the child of song.

Keep this cup, which is now o'erflowing,
To grace your revel, when I'm at rest;
Never, oh! never its balm bestowing
On lips that beauty hath seldom blest.
But when some warm devoted lover
To her he adores shall bathe its brim,
Then, then my spirit around shall hover,
And hallow each drop that foams for him.

"The Legacy" by the Irish poet, singer, and songwriter, Thomas Moore

updated: 23 OCT 2015